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Power Swaps! You have 6 opportunities to refuel like a nutrition-champ every day, so why not make the most of them? Warning: These healthy replacements from culinary whiz Rebecca Katz, author of The Longevity Kitchen, may be habit-forming. Halle Levine Sklar, InStyle Magazine / Beauty 2013

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(AARP recipes created by Monica Bhide www.monicabhide.com)

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Food as Medicine - Chicago Ideas Week

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Brain Food: The Smartest Diet for Your Mind, An Organic Conversation, July 20, 2015
Can the things we eat influence what or how well we think? This hour uncovers functional foods that support mood, memory, mental clarity, and brain health.

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How to Eat for a Longer Life, KQED Forum with host Michael Krasny and guests Dale Bredesen, founder and CEO, and Pankaj Kapahi, associate professor, of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging; and chef and author Rebecca Katz, March 7, 2013 (and NPR affiliate stations).