Rebecca’s done it again — brought the science and flavor straight to the plate!

And this time, she’s focused on the brain, and the food that can help us excel.

While much of the brain’s work still remains a mystery, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the food we eat directly affects how well our brains function. Brain health also plays a significant role in staving off diabetes, heart and Alzheimer’s disease. So how do we take this cutting-edge research and apply it -- deliciously! -- to our everyday lives?

In The Healthy Mind Cookbook, Rebecca harnesses the latest brain research on improving cognition, emotion, memory, mood and physical health – and translates it straight to the plate, using delicious nutrient-dense foods as a tool for promoting a healthy mind from childhood through the golden years.

With a culinary pharmacy listing the benefits of key ingredients, flavor-packed recipes for every meal of the day, and complete nutritional details for each dish, The Healthy Mind Cookbook will help lift the mental fog of everyday life and allow you to harness the power of your mind.