For me, life has been a series of explorations in search of meaning, inspiration and healing.

My adventures began on a street corner in Rome. I had fled career burnout in New York City and arrived in Italy with no luggage and no language, only my curiosity and a paper map in hand. No GPS, no Google maps, and no phone! I was waiting for an Italian signora to lead me to her palatial teaching kitchen, where I would become immersed in the joy of cooking in the evenings. In the mornings I made art in a studio and discovered that both food and art are intensely creative, and that both are healing. I was enchanted.

Returning to New York, I became a professional chef. I found my niche in food and healing. I played with flavor, color and texture to connect nutrition science to the plate, and pioneered an intelligent, novel and delicious use of food in the treatment of cancer. I authored 5 cookbooks, including The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen online course.

My greatest contribution to the culinary canon is my legendary Magic Mineral Broth, a healing broth that has sustained countless cancer survivors and people of all ages who just want to be nourished.

My nonprofit Healing Kitchens Institute continues to work closely on healing through food with survivors and health professionals in major US cancer centers. I dream of a cook on every corner, bringing healthy cooking into neighborhood home kitchens and community centers.

For details of my career, check out my CV.

Recently my explorations have led me further into making art in my studio, which I call my art kitchen. Visitors marvel that there’s a place for every tool in my studio, just as there is in my kitchen. I have found them to be tools for life. You are warmly invited to visit my art website and Instagram where I share both food and art (and the occasional pic of my beloved dogs.)

Today, I am focused on helping YOU nourish yourself and your family. On being in the present moment. On experiencing life, inspiration, creativity. On healing.

The question for me has become: What does it mean to feel nourished?

I hope you’ll join me!