DIY and selected foods: Give the gift of yum!

More and more I’m finding people love gifts of food! Something sweet to have on hand for holiday guests, elegant olive oil or Grade A Dark Maple Syrup, with a colorful homemade tag. Food gifts, DIY or thoughtfully selected, say LOVE—and isn’t that the point? Don’t miss the special new recipe I’ve included this year, from my dear colleague Marti Wolfson, an easy-peasy chocolate bark. Too yum to resist!

What is more precious than the gift of time? Unless it’s the gift of yum. :) How about giving both to dear friends and neighbors, the ones who will TRULY savor the delicious, delectable treats that you drop off for their enjoyment? Some might love DIY kits, with all they will need to make something marvelous, and others might like a fait accompli. I’ve got some suggestions for both!


Imaginative packaging can reinforce the pizazz! My colorful tags are recycled bits of some of my paintings. A lot of verve per square inch. A jar, basket, pot, or book might be part of the gift along with the edible goodies. 


To create DIY kits for the following recipes:

  1. Measure all dry ingredients and add to a jar or baggie.

  2. Include Grade A Dark Color Maple Syrup and/or vanilla in the gift bag.

  3. Tie with a ribbon, string and a handmade gift tag.

  4. Print the recipe card and include it with the gift or hand write the next steps.

Recipes for Giving

triple triple brittle.jpeg

SO delicious as to be addictive, but.. wait for it!... it’s healthy! Great for the brain and mood. The sesame seeds are full of zinc, the pumpkin seeds are like little mini antidepressants, and the sunflower seeds are loaded with vitamin E, which helps memory, learning, and overall mood. Your friends and family will love.

Print a recipe card for gift giving, so recipients can enjoy again and again. 


From my great friend and colleague Marti Wolfson, this chocolate bark is SO charming and yummy. And I frankly love it because it is not only delicious but so easy! The perfect gift for neighbors and friends. A little sweetness goes a long way. :)

This is a lovely beverage to keep around for the holidays. Keep in the fridge for an anytime brain-boost or lovely refreshment when friends visit. The ginger, cinnamon, and coriander are delicious, seasonal flavors and make for a lovely DIY gift. 

Print a recipe card to accompany your gift. 

Or go for the homemade sweets! These are especially healthy AND divinely delicious.

RK Holiday Treats.png

Tart Cherry and Chocolate Crunch or Apple Pie-Spiced Walnuts and Raisins in a mason jar or weck jar

Chocolate Cherry Walnut Truffles or Chocolate Apricot Date Truffles or Lola’s Favorite Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies in a glass storage container. Any of these are simple enough to make with ease. A reusable glass container is also quite a gift! And you may just be helping someone make the healthy and earth-healthy shift from away from plastic.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.13.51 PM.png

Of course, the greatest gift of all ANY time of year is the gift of nourishment! There are many ways you can gift Magic Mineral Broth. Create the ultimate MMB gifts for your favorite people from the list below:

Create a Magic Mineral Broth Kit that includes: 

Ideas to make your gift extra special:

  • Create an MMB spice kit. In a 2-quart jar, put the packages or jars of kombu, allspice, black peppercorns, bay leaves and sea salt.

  • Make spice kits in a pint or quart jar with just the right amount of each spice and kombu and the recipe card.

  • Fill a new stockpot with the spices and/or veggies (if local) to make MMB. And why not throw in the Clean Soups Cookbook or Online Course?

  • Print a recipe card to accompany your gift.