My new year’s greeting: the Hummingbird

As many of you know, in addition to being a chef, author and educator, I’m an artist! My eye is drawn to the colors of food and to my beloved garden beyond my office window, where life changes moment to moment. I have a front row seat at my desk to watch hummingbirds dipping in and out of the flowers arrayed just outside. Hummingbirds symbolize the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being, as they are such magical, fleeting creatures, here and gone.

I created this painting to celebrate a very dear someone whose life was fleeting, yet the joy and wisdom that this person imparted was profound, indeed life changing! Their life was such a valuable gift.

As we enter this new year, I wanted to share this very special piece as a reminder that life is fragile and precious, and there’s so much magic to behold, moment to moment! You never know what’s around the corner. When you look out your window, you may see... a hummingbird! Or a rainbow! And it’s gone. 

May the potentiality of what a new year can bring, and the tremendous amount of wisdom that we can uncover, bring us magic and joy! 

Hummingbird: mixed media on canvas, Copyright © 2016 by Rebecca Katz