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The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is infused with both exquisite taste and meticulous science, utilizing ingredients rich in the nutrients that people simply must have to thrive during treatment.


Chock full of wisdom, and experience from Rebecca and a coterie of America’s foremost integrative oncologists, physicians, and cancer-wellness professionals, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen includes:

  • More than 150 healthy, mouth-watering recipes that stimulate appetite and address treatment side-effects including fatigue, nausea, mouth and throat soreness, and low blood counts

  • The ‘Cancer Fighting Tool-Kit’: Everything caregivers and friends need to keep loved ones eating during treatment

  • Vital advice on putting together a culinary support team

  • A ‘Culinary Pharmacy’ that reveals the peer-reviewed science behind every ingredient in the book

  • Strategies for thriving during treatment, including food and lifestyle choices that help patients stay energized, and food shopping, preparation, storage and serving tips.

Rebecca’s warm, engaging and informative prose helps people in treatment and their loved ones overcome their fear of cooking for someone dealing with cancer. Filled with humor, compassion, beautiful photography, and a wealth of useful information, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen brings the healing power of delicious, nutritious foods to those whose hearts and bodies crave nourishment.

The 2nd edition includes updated science around food and cancer (which has exploded in the 9 years since the first edition), more beautiful photography, more than a dozen new super-simple recipes, and improved navigation, making this one gorgeous, immensely practical, useful and MUCH needed book.

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Rebecca Katz has produced an invaluable resource. Instead of telling patients to ‘just eat a balanced diet,’ we can now show them how to control disease and optimize health with delicious, nourishing food from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen. I recommend this book highly.
— Andrew Weil, MD
Rebecca Katz brilliantly combines delicious recipes with nutritious ingredients to help promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have shared The Cancer -Fighting Kitchen with my patients and their loved ones, and also with colleagues, family and friends. Anyone concerned about their own health and well-being, and that of their loved ones, should buy this book.
— Vered Sterns, MD, professor of oncology and co-director of the breast and ovarian cancer program at Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen is an incredibly rich and satisfying resource — it is a must for people living with and beyond cancer.
— Donald I. Abrams, MD, Chief, Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital; Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF); Integrative Oncology, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine


Recipes from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Course

The online course that brings The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen book to life!
With the latest science, menus, culinary techniques and colorful videos that SHOW you how to easily create delicious recipes to help you not only survive but THRIVE during treatment and beyond.