Don’t we all want to live not just longer, but healthier lives?

In this collection of more than 100 recipes that combine nutrition wisdom and superb flavor, culinary nutrition pioneer Rebecca Katz highlights the top 16 foods proven to fight the most common chronic conditions.

Katz draws on the latest scientific research to explain how super foods such as asparagus, basil, coffee, dark chocolate, kale, olive oil, sweet potatoes, and wild salmon can build immunity, lower cholesterol, enhance memory, strengthen the heart, and reduce your chances of developing diabetes and other diseases.

This practical, flavor-packed guide presents the most effective—and delicious—ways to:

  • Use food to improve the performance of every system in the body

  • Create menu plans to address specific symptoms

  • Help you feed your family colorful, streamlined, healthy meals with foods that promote a long and vibrant life.

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I say, ‘Good health begins in the kitchen.’ Life is too short—and eating too regular—to not make every meal both healthy and delicious. You can learn to live and thrive this way, throughout all your years. All you have to do is peer inside this book.
— Andrew Weil, M.D.


Recipes from The Longevity Kitchen