A beautiful gift

A beautiful gift

Wondering what to give family and friends this holiday season that is unique, beneficial and FUN? May I recommend my new Clean Soups Course? It’s filled with colorful videos about the art of broths, maximizing flavor, pre-prepping and cooking soup, along with an invitation to our private Facebook page where questions are answered and genius discoveries are shared! 

Why give an online soup course? It’s the gift of health for people you love, without being pushy. It’s a toy for grown-ups, that will be enjoyed long after the holidays are over and that works well for both beginning and advanced cooks. 

A word about learning to cook

As much as I LOVE cookbooks (I own hundreds, and write them, for heaven’s sake), I am the first to admit that it’s so much easier to learn to cook by watching someone do it. Cooking is the best show and tell. I’ve taught health professionals to cook for years and years, and believe me, it’s magic how quickly people learn as they watch.

A dear friend taught me to make risotto, and since she showed me how to do it, it’s stuck with me forever. Many people think making risotto is so hard. I don’t! I SAW how it’s done, and it’s easy. So of course it’s become a very special part of my culinary repertoire (how to impress and please people 101). 

You watch the soup course, in your own time, at your own pace. It’s like bringing your grandmother into the kitchen to show you the way.  It feels amazing to acquire the skills to master cooking fresh, homemade soup, a skill that lasts a lifetime. 

You can’t buy this at your local kitchen shop, but it’s the coolest kitchen gadget ever. The gift that keeps on giving, to you, your kids and grandkids. People of all ages like to learn new things.

It’s not hard to get your family to eat healthy when you make them soup! 

The first culinary lesson I learned was that to encourage people to eat healthy, you have to make it yummy. You’ve probably learned this already. Now you can pass along my secrets to fabulous flavor! Whether to your daughter, grandson or niece, the gift of the Clean Soups Course says I care about you — without bopping them over the head :)

I invite you to consider this very special gift for someone on your list. And for the super deluxe version, add a copy of the Clean Soups book, so your loved one will be set for a year full of soups to try out their new skills on.