Fighting cancer with food: the results that count — yours

I asked, and you answered! When the 2nd edition of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen launched into the world just a little over a week ago, I asked readers who loved the 1st edition to share why, along with their photographs. if they wished. It’s been delightful to hear from some of you! 

Reading your comments made me feel like jumping up and offering a standing ovation! It’s one thing to write a book and quite another for you to use it, incorporating new information and recipes into your life (especially at such a difficult time), and indeed, making it your own — stained with soup, filled with notes, scribbles, changes and additions — discovering that all-important something that feels good when nothing else does. That broth, or that smoothie. A saving grace. 

Your words mean the world to me!

I got through treatment for NHL by using the CFK. Your recipes were (literally) a lifesaver. Thank you! —Susan Dahlem

When I was first diagnosed my very first reaction was "what am I going to eat?" I knew nutrition was going to be an important part of my healing. The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen was my rock and foundation.  It’s my go-to for all things nutrition in fighting cancer. I am in remission and know that the yummy recipes in your books have been a big part of that. Thank you! —Deb Brown

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen has been with me for 2 years since I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The recipes saved me during 9 months of chemotherapy/radiotherapy. I was in control of my diet, my taste buds blossomed, my weight held steady. Not only did I flourish, so did family and friends. Favourite recipes: tomato mint chutney (without the ginger and extra mint) went viral. Who needs ketchup. Anytime Bars have their own fan club: add an extra egg and the orange rind. I used to make these and mini muffins for chemo sessions and Team Penny supporters scoffed the lot. I still make them — I cook them for horse clinics and walking weeks in the French Alps. Brilliant. Thank you for providing so many culinary explanations and wonderful solutions about what was happening to my taste buds. My well-thumbed and battered copy travels with me still. Keep cooking! —Penny Chapman

CFK helped me by breaking me free of my cheese plate and burrito rut, and introducing me to a world of nourishing soups, scintillating slaws, and delectable veggies. I feel good and  look good. Thanks, Mary Ladd

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen was my saving grace while I was sick; I even gave copies to friends and family so they could help with healthy, palatable cooking. When my husband also got sick, CFK and it's follow-up cookbook came to the rescue again with important info about what foods treat which conditions.
Thank you again, and warmest regards, Karen Summers Murray

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen inspired me to become a better cook, one who prepares food with love and flavor. What I now eat is interesting in taste and texture, beautiful to look at and delicious! —Sharon Kostel

I've been cooking from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen for cancer patients since it was first published in 2009. Your invaluable tips and information gave me the confidence to make nourishing meals for many cancer patients. One patient said her Magic Mineral Broth "saved her life" when she could eat nothing else during treatment. Thank you again for all you have done to inspire me to keep cooking for cancer patients. —Jeanette Chen


I love to see your shining faces!!!

While the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment was necessary, it left me emotionally drained and physically weakened. Your cookbooks, however, provided me with spirited reassurance, careful and thoughtful nutritional guidance, and now plenty of self-confidence about how to improve my health and renew my life with simple and delicious foods.  Rebecca, you rock! Many thanks! —Denise O'Brien

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen should be gifted to every person receiving a cancer diagnosis! I LOVE this book and was so grateful to find it and add your and your amazing work to my healing team. After trying three different nutritionists who were supposed to be cancer and cancer treatment experts (amazingly, not good experiences) I found The-Cancer Fighting Kitchen. What a profound relief to finally find a knowledgeable, compassionate resource that could help me along this difficult journey. I’m so, so, deeply grateful for your clear instructions, knowledge of how to support someone who’s body is being battered by treatment, and the compassion that radiates through every word. Thank you with all my heart for your deep caring and passion to help us all in such a meaningful way. Your fan forever and with love and appreciation, Katrina Mitchell

The Chocolate Banana Smoothie in The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, saved my life. It was the only thing I would eat in the days after chemo treatments. It tasted good (I couldn't taste hardly anything) and it made me feel better. Thank you Rebecca! I am forever indebted to you. —Tiffany Olson

The CFK Cookbook has been my go-to cookbook when cooking for friends undergoing cancer treatment...nourishing, anti-cancer ingredients packed with flavor.  Soup has been the favorite and what makes CFK soups even better is having them made with a prayer for restoration of  health and wellbeing. I call it Prayer Soup! Peace and Blessings, Gloria Rousseau

I’m always in the kitchen, so spouse’s gift of CFK right after St 3C ovca diagnosis provided love and encouragement, besides a great merger of science, creativity, and humor. Now almost 5 years a CFK chef and N.E.D. Head, grateful for all the Good Forces!  —JoAnn Green

The science behind the recipes, and the nutritional recommendations for specific symptoms was really helpful during treatment.  We are so passionate about this book that we donated a copy to our library! —Teresa Page

To each of you, my heartfelt thank you for sharing your experience with CFK!